Forbidden Fruit Festival

Terms & Conditions


1. By purchasing or accepting a ticket to Forbidden Fruit Festival, you are accepting the following terms & conditions.

2. Right of admission reserved.

3. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. You risk ejection from the event without a refund.

4. By attending Forbidden Fruit Festival, you are entering an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By agreeing to these terms, you consent to photography, audio recording, video recording and its release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for promotional purposes, advertising, inclusion on websites, social media, or any other purpose by Forbidden Fruit Festival and Pod Festivals LTD.

5. Unauthorised professional photography or use of professional recording equipment is prohibited and zoom lenses, audio visual or cinematographic devices will not be permitted on site.

6. You are not permitted to bring any liquids or alcohol to the festival. Liquids and alcohol will be confiscated.

7. You may be searched upon entry to the festival. If you are in possession of illegal substances you may be arrested. Anyone found carrying illicit items will have them confiscated and may be removed from the festival and passed over to the Garda as a result.

8. No large bags will be permitted to the concert site. Bags A4 size & smaller will be subject to security checks on entry. Those with no bags will be fast tracked into the arena

9. The following items are not permitted at Forbidden Fruit Festival.

- Fireworks, Chinese Lanterns, flares and high power torches are not allowed.

- Liquids

- Alcohol

- Illicit drugs, legal highs or nitrous oxide are not allowed.

- Glass (except for small make-up items and perfume/aftershave)

- Animals (except guide dogs) are not allowed.

- Anything which could be considered an offensive weapon are not allowed.

- Gas Cylinders are not permitted.

- Petrol Generators or liquefied Petroleum Gas is not allowed.

- BBQ’s are not allowed.

- Laser Pens are not allowed.

- Professional photographic equipment is not allowed. (this applies to cameras that have detachable lenses)

- Selfie Sticks are not allowed.

- Drones are not allowed.

- Large umbrellas are not allowed.

- Spray canisters / Smoke Bombs / Gas canisters are not allowed.

- Megaphones are not allowed.

- High Vis Clothing is not allowed

-No chairs

10. No trading allowed onsite without the Promoters prior consent.

11. No unauthorised vehicles will be allowed on site.

12. Your safety is of utmost important to us. On rare occasions we may have to close arenas and/or stages. The reason for any closure or restriction may include technical or operational reasons, inclement weather, capacity, or to ensure the safety and security of guests.

13. Forbidden Fruit Festival & Pod Festivals LTD accept no responsibility for any loss and/or damage suffered by you as a result of any event outside of our control. Any personal property brought to the event is at your own risk.

14. Strobe lighting and lasers may be used at the festival on the stages.

15. Prolonged exposure to loud music may cause damage to your hearing.

16. Fires are not permitted anywhere onsite. Those involved with starting a fire or throwing anything onto the fire will be removed from site and not refunded.

17. Please be aware that the event is outdoors. We have no control over the weather, so you are strongly advised to bring appropriate clothing and footwear to the festival.

18. Urinating inside and outside the event premises is a Public Order Offence. Persons seen urinating in public will be permanently removed from festival grounds without warning and will be prosecuted

19. There is no parking at the event, please do not bring your car.



Saturday: Gates – 2pm. Last entry to the festival is 21:30

Sunday: Gates – 2pm. Last entry to the festival is 21:30

Monday: Gates – 3:30pm. Last entry to the festival is 21:30

Guest list and accreditation closes at 9pm each night.

Stage Times are subject to change with and without prior notification. The promoter accepts no responsibility for loss caused by any such changes


1. Forbidden Fruit Festival is an over 18’s event.

2. Driving Licence / Passport / Gardai Card are all acceptable forms of identification

3. Anyone who appears U18yrs may be asked for ID to enter the festival

4. We operate the “Challenge 25” policy at our bars on site. This means that anyone who looks 25 years or under can expect to be asked for ID. Please drink responsibly


1. Tickets may only be purchased from us via the Official Ticketing Agent or through any other sale or transfer mechanism authorised in writing by us. Tickets purchased or obtained from any other source shall be void and may be seized or cancelled without refund or compensation.

2. There are no refunds other than the cancellation of the festival.

3. Ticket are non-transferable and must not be sold or offered, exposed or made available for sale, or transferred or otherwise disposed of. We reserve the right to cancel without refund any Tickets issued to a Ticket Holder whom we believe plans to offer a Ticket for resale otherwise than in accordance with these Conditions.

4. The festival and promoter will not issue duplicate tickets for lost or stolen tickets. You are responsible for your ticket and/or wristband.

5. Weekend tickets holders will receive a wristband at the entrances to the festival. The band is to be worn on the wrist. Unsealed or damaged wristbands will no longer be valid. Wristbands allow you to move freely across festival premises, and cannot be removed, cut, pulled off or damaged in any way - damaged wristbands are invalid. Wristbands and tickets should be kept on during the entire festival in order to enter the festival premises freely.

6. Tickets must be retained for the duration of the festival.

7. Day ticket holders will not receive a wristband. Your ticket is your admission. There is no re-admission with day tickets.

8. Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotions (commercial or non-commercial) without the prior written consent of Forbidden Fruit Festival or Pod Festivals LTD.

9. We reserve the right to make alterations to the line-up, time, date, duration and Venue of the Event or other details governed by any Ticket in the event of unforeseen or other circumstances, including (without limitation), force majeure, safety and security concerns or decisions from any Authorised Person or other competent authority. In the event of such alteration, neither we nor the Official Ticketing Agent will be liable to the Ticket Holder or any other person for any costs, expenses or other losses resulting from such alteration.


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